Public Speaking
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In small group talks or large scale events on a range of topics, George and Louise capture audience attention to motivate learning and enthusiasm for change. Informed by their broad experience and knowledge, George and Louise speak from the heart and head to leave lasting impressions.

(All talks are tailored for time, topic and audience.)

Sample Talks
Building Resiliency Using Emotional Awareness

Stress is not a thing. It is a physiological state activated internally in response to external events. To become more resilient, we must make a commitment to the continuous nourishment, rejuvenation and replenishment of our emotional energies. It is about heartset and mindset, working together to bring us back to our internal balance.

Emotional Intelligence - The Workplace Needs it More Than Ever

The recognition of EI (Emotional Intelligence) has come a long way, but how much is being applied in workplace communication? As we enter the third decade of EI in the workplace, how many organizations acknowledge that the business of people is their major business asset? How much are human needs, feelings and motivations factored into organizational life and daily interactions?

10 Ways to Bring More Mindfulness to Your Work Day

Mindfulness classes are great, but learning to integrate mindfulness—AM to PM—into life is the key to developing greater focus and energy. Everyone wants “tools” to work more efficiently—learning to work more mindfully reinforces the reality that we are our most sustainable tool for change. The “magic” of mindfulness is that it rearranges neural networks. Cutting edge science continues to prove this in powerful ways. And the exciting news is that power comes from us.

Rethinking the Workplace of the Future

Beliefs drive most business systems today and will in the future as well. The dominant stories we’ve been taught about work and workplace relationships are based on old models of thinking about human motivation and dynamics that have been discredited by modern science. These stories are getting harder to sell in an era of complexity and social interconnection. If organizations are looking for a hook that will increase employee engagement beyond the promises and perks of the past—relationships will be at the top of the list. It’s the human connection that will rewrite the Story of Work in the future.

"As an executive attending one of Mr. Altman's sessions on emotional intelligence, I was extremely impressed with his ability to integrate theory with real life considerations in an interesting and engaging manner. He also presented a talk on managing stress resiliency to a large group of employees at our annual event. Our surveys indicated his approach was very welcome and effective." Phil Parisi, CFO, USO ​