Organizational Consulting

Intentional Communication Consultants partners with your organization to assess your specific needs and design custom solutions to enhance communication, build greater cooperation and strengthen interpersonal and organizational trust.

We deliver a highly participative learning experience that is rich in content and informed by the latest information and research.

All of our work is focused on workplace applications and created to transfer the knowledge acquired into action and continuous learning.

As long-term change catalysts, our work targets change at all three levels of human dynamics—how we think, what we feel and how that translates into behavior.

"As an executive attending one of Mr. Altman's sessions on emotional intelligence, I was extremely impressed with his ability to integrate theory with real life considerations in an interesting and engaging manner. He also presented a talk on managing stress resiliency to a large group of employees at our annual event. Our surveys indicated his approach was very welcome and effective." Phil Parisi, CFO, USO