Working with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Emotions shape the culture of every organization. Because emotions drive all behavior and performance, investing in emotional competency development is a solid business decision.

Since EI, also known as EQ, was first introduced into the workplace in 1995, business leaders have come to understand that people with high EQ skills often outperform high IQ alone. EI provides professionals with the knowledge edge to manage relationships and communication with greater ease and effectiveness.

Studies show that increasing EI skills adds value to every employee’s performance across all industries. EI proficiency is a valuable tool that can influence every aspect of organizational life: leadership, decision making, team building, collaboration, change management, gender, generational and cultural diversity differences, stress resiliency and conflict management.

All levels of the organization can benefit from this program, however the program can be tailored to address specific needs and experience. Participants use their real work-life issues – to learn and practice the framework of this program.

Programs can be developed for half day introduction to EI, one-day or two-day formats.

One-Day Programs are comprised of 5 modules:

  • EI Overview and Applicability to Human Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Understanding the relationships between Thinking, Beliefs and Emotions and how they result in Behavior
  • The Practical Applications of Neuroscience Research to Job Performance and Relationship Building
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies – Personal Competencies
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies – Social Competencies

    Benefits from this Program include:

  • A more adaptive and flexible communication style
  • A model for effectively responding to “emotional triggers”
  • Greater resiliency in responding to the daily challenges of the workplace
  • Enhanced abilities in problem-solving and decision-making (moving from reactive to measured response)
  • Increased skills in self and relationship management. While all formats offer opportunities for skills practice, the 2 Day Program offers advanced learning and skills practice

    “I found the emphasis on emotional intelligence very unique and extremely helpful. I learned a great deal about myself and how to understand the needs of others as well as my own, which helped me improve my management skills and satisfaction with my work.”
    Director, Product Development, PDL Pharmaceuticals

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here