Working Respectfully: Tools for Creating a More Civil Workplace

In today’s workplace the rise of disrespectful behaviors in business is a serious problem that has reached epidemic proportions. One study found that 60% of employees believe that co-workers’ annoying behaviors negatively impact the workplace and, as a result, 40% reported that they are looking for new employment. In fact it’s estimated that employers spend $300 billion dollars a year dealing with the impact of poor communication, misunderstandings, lack of accountability, arguments, diminished employee morale and weak engagement due lack of courtesy and respectful among co-workers.

These behaviors can range from annoyance to aggression and bullying. These disrespectful and uncivil behaviors negatively affect productivity and insidiously influence an organization’s bottom line. The facts are alarming:

  • 47 million U.S. workers experienced psychological aggression at work
  • 15 million workers experienced psychological aggression on a weekly basis
  • 35% of Americans have experienced bullying at work
  • 15% of Americans have witnessed acts of bullying at work

    This program provides strategies for leaders and managers to recognize and handle offensive, disrespectful and inappropriate behaviors. It also explores how to improve productivity by modeling better behavior and fostering a culture of civility and mutual respect. Civil behaviors don’t have to be left to moral randomness; employees can learn to appreciate and become consciously aware of the impact of their thoughts, feelings, action and words on others.

    The Working Respectfully Program is comprised of five modules:

  • Defining Workplace Respect and Civility
  • Identifying Behaviors and Actions that Impede a Respectful Workplace
  • Recognizing the Physical and Psychological Effects of Disrespectful Behavior on Employees
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence as a core competency to Workplace Relationships
  • Getting to the Root Cause of Conflict: Increasing Conflict Management Skills

    The Benefits of this Program include:

  • Achieving a greater understanding of personal mindset and its behavioral results
  • New tools to strengthen interpersonal understanding and relationships
  • Greater awareness and skill in using body language to demonstrate understanding and build rapport intentionally
  • Setting new standards for communication and respect within the culture

    This program is designed as a 1 Day program but can be adapted to half-day sessions. All levels of the organization can benefit from this program; however the program can be tailored to address specific needs and experience. Participants use their real work-life issues – to learn and practice the framework of this program.

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here.