Leadership with the Brain in Mind

Neuroscience isn’t soft. Research about the brain and its impact on behavior is fundamentally changing management practices. Leaders who have the latest information on human dynamics and social interaction will have the advantage in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

What we know now about optimal human brain functioning calls for a reexamination of common management practices. The demands and atmosphere of many workplaces actually stifle the very qualities organizations need for high functioning, quality performance. Constant information flow, long hours, unrealistic time demands, few real breaks, interpersonal misunderstanding and poor nutrition tax vital neural energy.

This program provides emerging and experienced leaders with an overview of the latest knowledge to rethink their day to day interpersonal and group practices.

The Program is comprised of 6 modules:

  • Leadership, Neuroscience and Human Dynamics – An overview of recent key findings from science that change the way
    we’ve structured management practices
  • Decision-Making, Changing Habits & Behavior – Understanding the complexity of choice and change that impact
    everyday behavior
  • The Role Emotions Play at Work – Increasing awareness of how the social brain works in interpersonal communication
  • Multitasking, Memory & Distraction – Learning to limit the distraction of multitasking and increasing focus
    and attention
  • Mindful Feedback – Understanding the human need for certainty, recognition and respect when giving and receiving
    instruction and criticism
  • Creativity & the Brain – Why “brainstorming” does not work and learning to use the latest information to
    facilitate an environment more conducive to creativity
  • Benefits from this Program include:

  • A completely refreshed understanding of the human dynamics that are integral to achieving optimized work performance
  • A deeper understanding of the factors that improve motivation
  • Greater insight into how the delegation of work impacts the brain
  • Increased awareness of the importance of creating solution-based work environments that can generate new thinking processes
  • This program is designed as 2 Day program but can be adapted to 1 day. One day program provides less hands-experience. While both formats offer opportunities for skills practice, the 2 Day Program offers advanced learning and skills practice. Pre-reading is required for this program.

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here.