Critical Thinking

Today’s fast paced global environment requires that professionals bring a broad perspective and commitment to continuous learning to their everyday choices and decisions. The common methods of relying on past habits of thinking are no longer sufficient to optimize performance.

All levels of the organization can benefit from this program. Participants use their real work-life issues – to learn and practice the framework of this program.

The Critical Thinking program is comprised of 5 modules:

  • Developing Your Critical Thinking Mindset
  • The Practical Applications of Neuroscience on Critical Thought
  • Gathering Information & Decision Making Strategies
  • How Emotional Self-Awareness Influence Critical Thinking
  • Managing Distractions and Focusing Attention
  • Benefits from this Program Include:

  • Learning greater balance between rational and emotional input
  • Increasing self-awareness to recognize assumptions, judgments and expectations
    that cloud the thinking process
  • Clarify intentions and purposes that influence your outcomes and drive your motivation
  • Simplify complicated ideas into their core elements
  • Understand your decision making methods
  • This program is designed as a 1 day program

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here.