Communicating Assertively – Getting Results with Respect

Assertiveness, central to leadership and the ability to collaborate effectively with others, is a rare skill. The majority of communication is either aggressive or passive which contributes to unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings.

Leaders that recognize the importance of culture and its influence on employee engagement understand that aggressive communication is an organizational liability.

Generational changes, global partnerships and social media are all important factors that are shifting trends away from reliance on authority and hierarchy to respectful influence. Leaders that rely on fear as a motivational tool are losing the employee engagement imperative.

Employees with assertive skills communicate with confidence and honesty. Annual surveys consistently show that honesty and respect are at the top of every employee’s list of critical values in the workplace.

Assertive communication builds trust, inspires and motivates others and significantly reduces the potential for conflict.

The Communicating Assertively Program is comprised of six modules.


  • Understanding the Basic Principles and Value of Assertiveness
  • Identifying the Beliefs & Needs That Promote Assertive Communication
  • The Differences Between Assertive/Aggressive and Non-Direct Communication
  • Working with the Emotions That Drive Assertiveness
  • Body Awareness and Non Verbal Communication
  • Using Assertive Communication To Respond to Conflict
  • The Benefits of this Program include:

  • Greater ability to communicate what you want, need and believe while maintaining the respect of others
  • Increased conflict management skills
  • A more flexible communication style and the ability to appreciate differences in others
  • This program is designed as a 1 and 2 Day program but can be adapted to half-day sessions. While both formats offer opportunities for skills practice, the 2 Day Program offers advanced learning and skills practice.

    This program is highly recommended for all levels of the organization. The program can be targeted to middle or upper level management leadership needs.

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here.

    “The concepts, ideas and techniques shared were immediately applicable in my daily interactions with senior executives. This has been invaluable to me personally and professionally. I recommend George to any organization or individual eager to learn new skills or tackle organizational stumbling blocks.”
    Jeanne Lynch, HR, Archstone