Executive Coaching

“Studies have established that coaching makes people measurably more effective at their jobs, yielding a quantifiable, positive return on investment for most investments in coaching

Intentional Communication Consultants deliver a unique brand of coaching experience to executives and business professionals at every level of the organization.

We apply our knowledge of human behavioral dynamics, the latest insights from neuroscience and emotional intelligence combined with decades of successful business experience to every coaching interaction.

We work with each client to create meaningful and sustainable change based on their needs, commitments and intended outcomes. We partner with clients to design and achieve outcomes that are aligned with their strengths and values.

Our coaching partnerships support clients to develop their strengths, create new habits and build the capacity to manage change.

Our coaching process provides clients with a focused yet flexible structure and the value of objective, direct, confidential and on-going feedback. This process supports your ability to expand your awareness, increase options and respond with greater presence and creativity to current and future challenges.

Coaching is particularly helpful:

♦   When business growth or changes require new skills and approaches
♦   To work with personal style issues to enhance competence, image and performance
♦   To increase emotional competencies, improve relationships and build resiliency
♦   To enhance and develop critical conflict management and listening skills
♦   To build leadership presence and accelerate professional development
♦   When personal crises impact professional performance

Regardless of your immediate objectives, coaching can support you to move to the next level of your professional and/or personal life. Those who see their own growth as an indispensable part of success and personal fulfillment thrive as a result of the coaching process.

“My company hired George to work with me on some team issues. Together we explored emotional Intelligence, communication and more. Throughout the process I had a high level of respect and trust for George as a professional and a person. Today both my department and my personal performance have improved measurably in terms of personal interaction. I credit the work we did with George to build a sense of teamwork and respect within my department.”
Vance Prather Sr. Manager, Logitech Inc.

For more information on our coaching process:   Contact George or Louise Altman.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions via email or to schedule a complimentary discussion by phone or skype.