Surveys continue to show that trust in all institutions is at an all time low. Yet indices like the Edelman Trust Barometer report that transparency, trust and employee welfare continue to rank as the most important factors in maintaining corporate reputation and employee morale.

While most employees usually describe low trust as a problem within the workplace, they also continue to believe that increasing trust levels is critical to successful workplace collaboration. Because trust is deeply personal and often misunderstood, people are surprised to understand the complexity and needs of co-workers in maintaining trusting relationships.

The Building Trust & Collaboration Skills program is comprised of 5 modules:

  • Defining and Understanding Trust – The high cost of low trust in the workplace
  • Trust Assessment – Assessing trust in workplace relationships
  • The Fundamental Role Beliefs, Assumptions and Expectations Play in Trust
  • Identifying the Behaviors that Reinforce and Limit Trust
  • Restoring Trust
  • The Benefits of this Program include:

  • Greater capacity to assess the critical issues in the organization (teams and relationships) that are related to trust and how
    to approach them
  • Enhanced ability to recognize the communication and behaviors that contribute to building trust
  • A greater understanding of the trust factors that impact decision-making
  • This program is designed as a 1 day program

    All levels of the organization can benefit from this program, however the program can be tailored to address specific needs and experience. Participants use their real work-life issues – to learn and practice the framework of this program.

    “The course was enlightening and helped me get further in touch with my strengths, weaknesses and what to do about them. The material was powerful and all encompassing. Thanks for your insights. It’s comforting to know that managers will continue to be influenced by your work.”
    Val Monge, Fluidmaster, Inc.

    For more information on this program, contact George or Louise Altman at 858 350 5550 or email here.