About Us

As founders and senior partners of Intentional Communication Consultants we offer our clients a rich blend of experience from over 30 years working in corporate, non-profit and academic communities to strengthen workplace communication, relationships and organizational culture.

Our Work Is Guided By These Principles

  • All meaningful and lasting human change must begin inside of us before it can be manifested outwardly
  • Every person has an unlimited capacity for growth, learning and change given the right circumstances
  • The key to an organization’s success are its beliefs, attitudes, habits and expectations as practiced
  • Building and maintaining trust and collaborative workplace relationships will positively transform an organization’s culture
  • Every workplace transaction is an opportunity to build trust and relationships


About George

George Altman’s career began in advertising where he held senior management positions for several major companies including IBM, Compton Advertising and Liz Claiborne, Inc.

Moving on to fulfill a dream to work in psychology, George earned an Ed.M Degree in Psychological Counseling and Career Development from Columbia University. He has worked in community mental health settings and in private practice as well as teaching undergraduate psychology. George is also a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics and holds a Doctorate degree from The Emerson Theological Institute.

About Louise

After attending The New York University Graduate School of Education in Psychology, Louise Altman worked in senior positions for several national non-profit organizations. Her roles included: program development and administration, community mediation, public speaking and media liaison.

Louise is the author of the popular blog, The Intentional Workplace.

As senior seminar leaders for the American Management Association, George and Louise have designed and led programs for thousands of participants on Conflict Resolution, Building Better Workplace Relationships and Assertive Skills for Managers.

In 1996, George and Louise co-founded Intentional Communication Consultants where they have worked with diverse organizations to develop and deliver leading edge programs, executive coaching and organizational consulting.

George and Louise partner with talented global associates to bring organizations customized and flexible leading edge learning solutions.


“Intentional Communication Consultants gave two sessions on Workplace Trust and Emotional Intelligence to our ISM International Annual Conference. Our members were thoroughly impressed with their depth of knowledge and expertise as well as the creative ways they convey content/subject matter. I received plenty of rave reviews from members. I definitely recommend hiring George & Louise for any consulting or speaking opportunities.”
Antoinette Caserta, Institute for Supply Chain Management