We support organizations to maximize their most valuable resource – their
people. By harnessing the combined intelligence of their employees, organizations
can unleash creativity, innovation and inspire new levels of motivation.

Business transactions are done through people and no one works alone. Workplace
relationships and communication are central to the success of your business –
especially in today’s complex and ever-changing global environment.

Intentional Communication offers programs and services that are designed with the
understanding that what people believe, value and how they think, either on an
individual or cultural level, will determine success or failure.

Our programs and services help organizations to:

  • Develop greater trust and accountability in workplace relationships
  • Expand social-emotional competencies because how we manage emotions and workplace relationships is correlated with successful performance
  • Deepen listening skills and appreciation for differences in communication styles
  • Make productive use of conflicts to increase interpersonal understanding and build relationships
  • Increase engagement and optimize creative contributions
  • Develop greater flexibility in managing change
  • Working creatively with diverse perspectives
  • Build shared vision
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